Lessons in Lanterns

m-bgCGZqRb_b7DRek9BttggI brought in 2015 in Jamaica…watching hundreds sky lanterns floating overhead.  I felt the cool grass beneath my bare feet, and the soft, gentle island breeze on my skin.  Each lantern drifted with the wind, floating softly, creating temporary stars in the sky.

One of the lanterns drifted from away from the pack, and my friend said “Look!  That one is you.”

I thought for a minute about what my friend had said, and yes.  I’m THAT lantern.  The one that drifts away from the rest.  Charting a new course, venturing into the unknown, not certain which currents will carry or which currents will drop me.  All I know is I’m lit, I’m in the air, and I’m drifting.  I wish to make the world a more beautiful place while I’m up there.  Hopefully, when it’s my time to come down, I’ll land intact with little damage to my surroundings.

May 2015 send my lantern in the direction I was meant to go.

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