It’s a good life…someone has to live it!

I had the privilege of turning 45 last Sunday, October 5th.  Every time you hit a birthday, you can’t help but sit back and take a moment to reflect what you’ve done with your life.  tumblr_mhy8svoaJ81rvj4jjo1_500Or what you should have done with your life.  Or what you’ve been meaning to do with your life.  It always reminds me of the quote from Alice in Wonderland, “Which road do I take?” pictured to the left.  Sometimes I don’t know where I want to go, so it doesn’t matter which road I take.  So long as I have fun and make some people laugh along the way, it’s all good!

I’ve had some wonderful shows these past few weeks.  September 12-13 I was at La Playa Resort in Daytona Beach, FL.  I like Daytona Beach, but it is where knick knacks come to retire, t-shirts come to die, and red-necks come to get shit faced.  I have learned more about comedy from this one location than just about any other.  I’ve had shows there where the owner of the hotel showed up with 19 drunk bimbos on the premiere night of Sex in the City.  That show ended poorly for me.

Daytona Beach, FL
Daytona Beach, FL

Last time I was there, my “feature” comedian (opener) who went 10 minutes too long the night before, got paranoid about time and only did 6 minutes instead of 20.  Filler time!  I also had a guy so drunk that he wouldn’t get off the stage, until my husband escorted him.  This time…I had show challenges…but handled them all with grace and poise, and turned the weirdness into bonus moments of comedy for the audience.  It was one of those nights where I could sit back and say “I’ve come a long way.”  I woke up the next morning earlier than expected, and caught the sunrise.  I so enjoyed my mid-afternoon walk on the beach as well.

with Rick Stromoski at RocCon, September 20th, 2014

The following week, I was in Rochester, NY.  I’d never been to Rochester before, and found everyone there to be so delightful.  As luck would have it, RocCon was happening…Rochester Comic Con.  My hotel was the host hotel for many nationally syndicated comic strip artists, science fiction writers, and professional comic book artists.  I hit the open mic Thursday night, where I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Rick Stromoski, nationally syndicated comic strip artist for Soup to Nutz.  The next morning,  I met Alex Saviuk, Marvel comics Spider-Man artist for the last 27 years.   Both of these guys were so inspirational to me, I’m so glad I was able to spend quite a bit of time getting to know them both.

A lot of times when I do shows, I don’t always get to pick who I work with.  So I was pleasantly surprised when I got to work with 2 of my favorite comedians in the same show on Sept 26th in Apollo Beach!  America’s Funniest Teacher as seen on The View Mike Rivera and Kojo Prince.  Mike helped me get into a comedy club that was reluctant to headline me years ago.  Kojo Prince and I work together quite a bit when we do The Prince and The Princess show.  It was a triple headliner show, and a lot of fun!

with Alex Saviuk at RocCon, Sept 18th, 2014
with Alex Saviuk at RocCon, September 20th, 2014

I’ve been spending some time writing a book, which I’m tentatively calling Laughing All The Weigh.  I write about my rocky weight loss journey…just when I get close to goal weight life throws a curve ball at me and I derail.  Sometimes I’m only derailed a few weeks, other times it’s years.  I plan on publishing the book next year, and then I’ll begin working on a new DVD.

In the meantime, I just booked an appointment to audition for America’s Got Talent on November 2nd.  I’m pretty excited – one of the producers saw my Hey There Viagra video and thought it would be perfect for the show.  A little credit on national television certainly wouldn’t hurt my career!

So…with all these options…which road do I take?  In about an hour, it’s going to be I-75 to do a fun-raiser for The Rotary Club of LaBelle, FL.  I can’t wait!

Author: PrincessOfParodies

The self proclaimed love child of Liza Minelli and Klinger, Traci Kanaan grew up in Berea, Ohio, a quiet middle class community on Cleveland's west side. Her Italian mother loved opera, dance and theater. Her Lebanese father loved stock car racing, flea markets, and dirty jokes. Traci combined these influences to make a comedy yard sale...with music. You've seen it before...but not on display like this! Traci started taking piano lessons at the age of 4. Never one to play it the way it was written, she constantly improvised during her piano lessons by making up funny lyrics or changing the endings, ultimately burning out 8 piano teachers before she graduated from high school. Traci attended Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio, and graduated with a B.A. in Music and Business, and with minors in Music Composition, Electronic Music, and Piano Performance. For her senior recital, she composed all original music, performed by other students. Each piece reflected her sense of humor, including bras being pulled out of saxophones, compositions performed on children's toys, and the staged death of a performer…assassinated by a ping pong ball gun. In 2002 and 2003, Traci performed in Tony and Tina's Wedding as the 8 months pregnant maid of honor, Connie Mocogni. She had so much fun, she continued performing stand up comedy and improv with some of the comics she met in the show. Traci continues her irreverence by creatively combining stand up comedy with her piano and vocal performances. She covers numerous topics, including her life and family, pop culture, and current events. Her performances include a wide spectrum of musical styles including classical music, oldies, rock 'n roll, country and rap. Whatever the occasion, Traci Kanaan combines her love of laughter and music as The Princess of Parodies. She is a real crowd pleaser, and an unforgettable, hilariously funny novelty comedy act!

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